Electric Storage Heaters

Many homes thought the UK only have heating that is only powered by electricity, and in most cases have costly heating appliances that waste lots of energy these include Halogen heaters, Oil heaters and Fan heaters. With our Storage heaters you can save £100s per year.

How Electric Storage Heating Work…

The system is recommended to work on a Economy 7 tariff but can be used on a standard tariff. The heaters “charge” heat in bricks that are inside the heater during the night ( 12-7am)  during the day it will be released using a built in fan set at the temperature by the user. These heaters can be turned on or off at any time day or night.  

The Heaters we install are a very high quality and have a 10 year manufacture warranty. Our installers will give you a full demonstration on how the heaters work.

The Economy 7 cheaper rate period typically falls 7 hours between 10pm and 8.30am is is a automatic changing tariff that gives you a cheaper rate when the storage heaters are most likely to be used. To find out if you are on economy 7 or would like to switch it then you need to get in touch to with your current energy provider, also its worth noting that rates vary from each providers so its good to check if your on a cheep rate.

What To Do Next

You need to get in touch with us and there are a number of ways of doing that.

  1. Call us on 0800 294 0449
  2. Using our Online Booking Form (Book Now)
  3. Email info@ihiltd.co.uk
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Once we have had contact from you we can proceed and do a free no obligation survey. Our turnaround from survey to install is as little as 2 weeks.