Under Floor Insulation

10% Heat is lost through the floor in your home


How Under floor Insulation (UFI) Works…

By installing insulation to the underneath of your floor with netting this reduces Heat loss and cold air from entering the property.

First we need to identify if your home is suitable for ufi if you have a suspended timer floor then this is ok, however if you have a solid/concrete floor then unfortunately we can not install this measure.

Once your property has been identified our first step is to do an assessments this will ensure that all necessary work required can be done on the install date for example – maintaining air flow under the property is very important we need you keep this flow of air but reduce the air and cold from travelling through the floor into any living space.

Procedure – If they is no access to the under floor we would create a access hatch then we install 100mm insulation to the bottom of the floor between the joists. Then secure the insulation in place using netting, all cables will be still visible and pipework will be insulated where needed.




What To Do Next

You need to get in touch with us and there are a number of ways of doing that.

  1. Call us on 0800 294 0449
  2. Using our Online Booking Form (Book Now)
  3. Email info@ihiltd.co.uk
  4. Visit us on Facebook 

Once we have had contact from you we can proceed and do a free no obligation survey. Our turnaround from survey to install is as little as 2 weeks.